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Unfinished Projects

novel publishing Sheryl Felecia Means, author of Unfinished Projects, recently released her novel under RahGor Motivations and Publishing on March 15, 2013. The book was edited by editors from

Specifically, Unfinished Projects is a compelling story that uses the lives of three powerful women to discuss sensitive topics such as racism, self-hate, domestic abuse, mental stability, and love. Means’ ability to deeply develop her characters keeps the reader’s attention in order to see how the subplots connect.

"I'm inspired by real issues that other people would rather ignore," says Means. "When people finish [reading] Unfinished Projects, I want them to have enjoyed the novel and have provocative conversations with other readers. With anything I write, I want people to leave thinking something new."

Since the book’s publication in March, readers of Unfinished Projects have given it rave reviews.

"Very intriguing. Kept me turning page after page and could not put it down. The transitions between the story lines were seamless. Each page revealed more about the characters and enabled you to have a relationship with each of the characters: Love them or hate them you were able to choose. Great story!" - L. Tilus

Means has also developed a community of readers on her book’s Facebook page. She offers polls, questions, and other tools to encourage her readers to think critically about her writing. The result is a readership that falls more in love with her excellent work.

Unfinished Projects is Means’ first novel. But for readers who enjoyed the book, they will likely not have to wait long for her next release.

"I will definitely be publishing again. I already have something in the works."

Readers can connect with Means by purchasing Unfinished Projects on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or via social media on Facebook or Twitter.

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